Book Reviews


  • Carl Johan Berglund Enskilda högskolan Stockholm
  • John-Christian Eurell Umeå universitet
  • Magnus Evertsson Lunds universitet
  • Josef Forsling Enskilda högskolan Stockholm
  • Stefan Green Åbo Akademi
  • Lukas Hagel Lunds universitet
  • Per-Olof Hermansson
  • Søren Holst University of Copenhagen
  • Joel Kuhlin Lunds universitet
  • Mikael Larsson Uppsala universitet
  • Johannes Leckström Lunds universitet
  • Bo Krister Ljungberg
  • Richard Pleijel Uppsala universitet
  • Adam Sabir
  • Kamilla Skarström Hinojosa Göteborgs universitet
  • James Starr Johannelunds teologiska högskola
  • Ludvig Svensson ALT School of Theology
  • Mikael Tellbe ALT School of Theology
  • Lennart Thörn Göteborgs universitet
  • Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer ALT School of Theology
  • Karin Tillberg Uppsala universitet
  • Cecilia Wassén Uppsala universitet
  • Martin Wessbrandt Lunds universitet
  • David Willgren ALT School of Theology
  • Tobias Ålöw Göteborgs universitet



The following books are reviewed

Aasgaard, Reidar, Ona Maria Cojocaru och Cornelia B. Horn (red), Childhood in History: Perceptions of Children in the Ancient Medieval Worlds (Mikael Larsson)

Ben Zvi, Ehud and Diana Vikander Edemann, Imagining the Other and Constructing Israelite Identity in the Early Second Temple Period (Karin Tillberg) 

Biblica, nuBibeln (Per-Olof Hermansson)

Brodersen, Alma, The End of the Psalter: Psalms 146–150 in the Masoretic Text, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Septuagint (David Willgren)

Dodson Joseph R. and David E. Briones (eds.), Paul and Seneca in Dialogue (Adam Sabir)

Dodson, Joseph R. and Andrew W. Pitts (eds.), Paul and the Greco-Roman Philosophical Tradition (Adam Sabir)

Eidsvåg, Gunnar Magnus, The Old Greek Translation of Zechariah (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Fredriksen, Paula, Paul: The Pagan’s Apostle (Lukas Hagel)

Frevel, Christian, Gottesbilder und Menschenbilder: Studien zu Anthropologie und Theologie im Alten Testament, samt Wagner, Andreas, Menschenverständnis und Gottesverständnis im Alten Testament: Gesammelte Aufsätze 2 (Richard Pleijel)

Gertz, Jan C., Bernhard M. Levinson, Dalit Rom-Shiloni och Konrad Schmid (red.), The Formation of the Pentateuch: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Europe, Israel, and North America (Josef Forsling) 

Graybill, Rhiannon, Are We Not Men? Unstable Masculinity in the Hebrew Prophets (Mikael Larsson)

Gundry, Robert H., Peter – False Disciple and Apostate according to Saint Matthew (John-Christian Eurell)

Hays, Richard B., Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels (James Starr) 

Heilig, Christoph, Paul’s Triumph: Reassessing 2 Corinthians 2:14 in Its Literary and Historical Context (Ludvig Svensson)

Himmelfarb, Martha, Between Temple and Torah: Essays on Priests, Scribes, and Visionaries in the Second Temple Period and Beyond (Stefan Green)

Hurtado, Larry W., Destroyer of the Gods: Early Christian Distinctiveness in the Roman World (Mikael Tellbe)

Keener, Craig S., Spirit Hermeneutics: Reading Scripture in Light of Pentecost (Bo Krister Ljungberg)

Keener, Craig S. and John H. Walton (gen. eds.), NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: Bringing to Life the Ancient World of Scripture (Bo Krister Ljungberg)

Kok, Michael J., The Gospel on the Margins: The Reception of Mark in the Second Century (Joel Kuhlin)

Licona, Michael R., Why Are There Differences in the Gospels? What We Can Learn from Ancient Biography (Tobias Ålöw)

Lin, Yii-Jan, The Erotic Life of Manuscripts: New Testament Criticism and the Biological Sciences (Joel Kuhlin)

Lied, Liv Ingeborg och Hugo Lundhaug (red.), Snapshots of Evolving Traditions: Jewish and Christian Manuscript Culture, Textual Fluidity and New Philology (Kamilla Skarström Hinojosa)

Mermelstein, Ari and Shalom E. Holtz (eds.), The Divine Courtroom in Comparative Perspective (Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer)

Miller, Stuart S., At the Intersection of Texts and Material Finds: Stepped Pools, Stone Vessels, and Ritual Purity Among Jews of Roman Galilee (Cecilia Wassén)

Moxon, John R. L., Peter’s Halakhic Nightmare: The “Animal” Vision of Acts 10:9–16 in Jewish and Graeco-Roman Perspective (Carl Johan Berglund)

Neudecker, Reinhard, Moses Interpreted by the Pharisees and Jesus: Matthew’s Antitheses in the Light of Early Rabbinic Literature (Tobias Ålöw)

Penner, Todd and Davina C. Lopez, De-Introducing the New Testament: Texts, Worlds, Methods, Stories (Martin Wessbrandt)

Schellenberg, Ryan S., Rethinking Paul’s Rhetorical Education: Comparative Rhetoric and 2 Corinthians 10–13 (Johannes Leckström)

Schreiner, Patrick, The Body of Jesus: A Spatial Analysis of the Kingdom in Matthew (Tobias Ålöw) 

Sprinkle, Preston (red.), Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and the Church (Bo Krister Ljungberg)

Stökl, Jonathan and Caroline Waerzeggers (eds.), Exile and Return: The Babylonian Context (Karin Tillberg)

Thurén, Lauri, Parables Unplugged: Reading the Lukan Parables in Their Rhetorical Context (Lennart Thörn)

Thörn, Lennart, Ordets tillblivelse. Lukasevangeliet (Magnus Evertsson)

Weima, Jeffrey A. D., Paul the Ancient Letter Writer: An Introduction to Epistolary Analysis (Adam Sabir)

Winninge, Mikael (red.), Dödahavsrullarna – i svensk översättning (Søren Holst)



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