• From the editors - Vol. 31, 2023


    We are happy to invite you to read and engage with the 31st issue of Current Swedish Archaeology. The journal, which started its journey in 1993, celebrates 30 years of existence this year. Now, as then, it publishes current, high-quality archaeological research to both a national and international audience. It also promotes contact and debate around issues that Swedish archaeology shares with the larger international field. To continue this work and ensure the journal’s future publications requires a dedicated readership as well as financial support. We are therefore pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet). The grant sends a clear message that journals within the Humanities are qualified to produce research of the highest quality. Such messages enable creativity and knowledge growth, and recognises the Humanities contribution to contemporary society. This has not always been the case.

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  • Welcome to the new online platform for Current Swedish Archaeology


    We are delighted to welcome you to Current's new online platform, provided by the National Library of Sweden. It gives us a stable archive for all our back issues, as well as support for submission and editing processes. Over the last year Current has been one of the test journals for the platform development and we think it will provide a much improved experience for both readers and authors.

    Alison Klevnäs, Editor
    Sophie Bergerbrant, Editor
    Gustav Wollentz, Digital Editor

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  • From the editors - 2020


    For the second year running, Current Swedish Archaeology begins with a themed group of research papers which provide a variety of perspectives on a shared topic. This year we present seven peer-reviewed contributions exploring a theme of human-animal relations, based on a workshop held in Kalmar in late 2018.

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