Ritualized Mesolithic Hoarding in Southern Scandinavia: An under-recognised Phenomenon


  • Mathias Bjørnevad-Ahlqvist Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Aarhus University,




Hunter-gatherer, Northern Europe, hoard, ritualization, practice theory, object biography


Intentionally deposited groups of artefacts, here classified as hoards, form a relatively understudied aspect of the southern Scandinavian Mesolithic. Here analysis of 124 southern Scandinavian Mesolithic hoards is used to further the concept of ritualization, applying a holistic approach to the observed variability and patterning in their biographies. Contrary to the common assertion that hoarding began in the Neolithic, the results indicate that hoarding practices can be traced back to at least the Early Maglemose and extend throughout the Mesolithic. A catalogue of studied hoards is included in the supplementary material, as well as a separate catalogue of use-wear analysis findings from a subset of the hoards.


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Personal communication

Søren H. Andersen, Moesgaard Museum, email, March 2016

Anders Fischer, Sealand Archaeology, email, June 2018

Klaus Hirsch, Museum Sønderjylland, email, June 2018

Kaj F. Rasmussen, Museum Silkeborg, email, May 2016

Uffe L. Rasmussen, Moesgaard Museum, meeting, November 2015




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