Solid As a Rock? An Ethnographical Study of the Management of Rock-carvings


  • Anders Gustafsson Department of Archaeology, Gothenburg University
  • Håkan Karlsson Department of Archaeology, Gothenburg University



Ethnography, cultural heritage, authenticity, staging


This paper takes its point of departure in a critical and ethnographically directed discussion ofhow Swedish heritage management —in practiceconstructs, organises and presents the past (ke. , the cultural heritage) to the public at the rock-carvings in Tanum. This ethnographical approach is helpful when trying to move beyond the structures —and specific ways of viewing the world —that are a consequence of our own archaeological socialisation. Suddenly activities that, with an archaeological eye, seem to be completely normal, present themselves instead as peculiar examples of the culture ofcontemporary archaeology/heritage management. In this paper we present examples —derived from both the past and present —ofhow this specific culture approach handles and stages the rock-carvings in Tanum. It is stressed that, for various reasons and not least ethical and democratic ones, this culture and its rituals need to be examined even further from an ethnographical point of view


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Gustafsson, A. and Karlsson, H. (2004) “Solid As a Rock? An Ethnographical Study of the Management of Rock-carvings”, Current Swedish Archaeology, 12(1), pp. 23–42. doi: 10.37718/CSA.2004.02.



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