Editorial Team

The JEVTM Editorial Board comprises a panel of international experts in Vascular Surgery, Trauma, Surgery, Interventional Radiology/Radiology, Emergency Physicians and Intensive Care Physicians from around the globe. Our Editorial Board members provide their expertise and guidance in leading and shaping the content and direction of the journal. All members of the Board are carefully selected by recommendations of the EVTM Society members and institutional recognition, and have made significant contributions to scientific work on EVTM issues.  The JEVTM Editorial Board consists of highly active research, academic and clinical physicians.  


Tal Hörer, MD PhD
Attending Vascular Surgeon, General/Trauma Surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery, Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery and Department of Surgery, Örebro University Hospital and Örebro University, Sweden

Support contacts

Dag Kättström:

Jessica Stock (Sunrise Setting)

Åsa Strandberg

Associate Editors

Megan Brenner (Trauma, Vascular, Surgery), MD MS, Professor of Surgery, University of California Riverside School of Medicine, Riverside, CA, USA

Federico Coccolini (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, General, Emergency and Trauma Surgery Department, Pisa University Hospital, Pisa, Italy

Anna Maria Ierardi (Radiology, IR), Consultant Radiologist, Department of Radiology, San Paolo Hospital, University of Milan, Italy

Yosuke Matsumura (Radiology, IR, ICU), MD PhD, Associate Professor of Intensive Care, Chiba Emergency Medical Center, Chiba, Japan

Associate Scientific Editors

Boris Kessel (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, Department of Surgery, Hilel Yafe Medical Center, Hadera, Israel

Kristofer Nilsson (Anesthesia and ICU), Associate Professor of Anesthesiology, Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, ICU, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden

Viktor Reva (Trauma, Vascular), Assistant Professor of Surgery, Sergei Kirov Military Medical Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Specialists in Training (EVTM-ST) Senior Editor

David McGreevy (Vascular), Vascular Surgery Specialist, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden 

Scientific Quality Editor

Zarah Carlander (former Löf-Öhlin), PhD, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden

Virtual Abstracts Editor

Diedgo Mariani, MD (Surgery), Italy

Editorial Resident Board

Maya Paran (Surgery), General Surgery Resident, Israel

Suzanne Vrancken (Surgery), General Surgery Resident, Holland

Senior Advisors to the Editorial Board:

Ken Boffard (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, Academic Head at Milpark Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa

Demetrios Demetriades (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles, USA

John Holcomb (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

Lars Lönn (Radiology, Interventional Radiology), Professor of Radiology, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Martin Malina (Vascular), Associate Professor of Surgery, West London Vascular and Interventional Center, UK

Ernest E Moore (Trauma, Surgery), Former Editor-in-Chief J Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, Professor of Surgery, Ernest E. Moore Shock Trauma Center at Denver Health, Denver, CO, USA

Gustavo Oderich (Vascular), Professor of Surgery,  Department of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at McGovern Medical School, Houston, USA

Frank Plani (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, Trauma Directorate, Witwatersrand Hospital, Johannesburg, South Africa

Editorial Board: 

Elizabeth Benjamin (Surgery, Trauma), Associate Professor of Surgery, USA

Caroline Clausen (IR, Radiology), Interventional Radiologist, Denmark

James Daley (ED), Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, USA

Juan Duchesne (Trauma), Professor of Surgery, USA

Simone Fajer (Vascular), Vascular and General Surgeon, Israel

Charles (Chuk) Fox (Vascular, Trauma), Associate Professor of Surgery, USA

Joseph Galante (Trauma) Professor of Surgery, USA

Samuel Galvagno (ICU) Professor of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, USA

George Geroulakos (Vascular), Professor of Vascular Surgery, Greece

Adenauer Goes Jr (Vascular, Trauma), Professor of Surgery, Brazil

Peter Hilbert (ICU, Pre-Hospital)  Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, Germany

Rebecka Hultgren (Vascular), Professor of Vascular Surgery, Sweden

Kenji Inaba (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, USA

Anthony Joseph (ICU, ED, Trauma) Associate Professor of Surgery, Australia

Edwaldo Joviliano (Vascular), Professor of Surgery, Brazil

Mansoor Khan (Trauma, Surgery), Professor of Surgery, UK

Rishi Kundi (Vascular, Trauma), Assistant Professor of Surgery, USA

Lionel Laumhaut (ICU, Pre-hospital), Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, France

Ramiro Manzano-Nunez (Trauma), Medical Doctor, Spain/Colombia

Shahin Mohseni (Surgery, Trauma), Associate Professor of Surgery, Sweden

George Oosthuizen (Surgery, Trauma), Associate Professor of Surgery, South Africa

Adam Power (Vascular), Associate Professor of Surgery, Canada

Zaff Qasim (Emergency Medicine, ICU), Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, USA

Lu Quingsheng (Vascular), Professor of Vascular Surgery, China

Ravi Rajani (Vascular), Professor of Vascular Surgery, USA

Zoran Rancic (Vascular), Associate Professor of Surgery, Switzerland

Todd Rasmussen (Trauma, Vascular), Professor of Surgery, USA

Paul Rees (Pre-Hospital, IR), Interventional Cardiologist and Pre-Hospital Care, UK

Marcelo Ribeiro (Surgery, Trauma), Professor of Surgery, Abu Dhabi/Brazil

Anna Romagnoli (Vascular, Trauma), Assistant Professor of Surgery, USA

Joao Sahagoff (Vascular), Professor of Surgery, Brazil

Alexis Smith (Pediatric Surgery), Associate Professor of Surgery, USA

Pedro Teixeira (Vascular), Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Carl-Magnus Wahlgren (Vascular), Professor of Surgery, Sweden

Hao Zhang (Vascular), Vascular Surgeon, China

Missions of the JEVTM Editorial Board

The Editorial Board will act as ambassadors for the JEVTM, and help the Journal develop and achieve its goals – to publish peer review data to the highest standards and good ethical conduct with the motto of “No ego, just good science, clinical care and collaboration”. The Editorial Board will help overview the correct management and ethical conduct of the JEVTM as a whole and help spread the EVTM message worldwide. The Editorial Board will actively seek areas of interest, leaders in EVTM management and clinicians for further contribution to the scientific work published in the JEVTM.


Objectives of the Editorial Board

The role of the Editorial Board is to advise and support the Editor-in-chief and includes:

  • Identifying new topics for commissions, special editions and advising on direction for the Journal, with feedback on past issues and making suggestions for both subject matter and potential authors and contributors.
  • Providing content by writing occasional editorials and other short articles and promoting groups to publish in the Journal by approaching potential contributors.
  • Identifying peer reviewers and providing peer review as in the case of bias/conflicts or when there is a need for a second opinion.
  • Identifying appropriate conferences for editors to attend and new fields of interest within the JEVTM area.
  • Promoting the journal to authors, readers and subscribers, and encouraging colleagues to submit their best work.

    The Editorial Board will work on spreading the information and work of the JEVTM and the EVTM Society on social media and at congresses and meetings, aiming to reach medical professionals worldwide.


Senior and Section Editors

Editors are ultimately accountable for the quality of the JEVTM content. Editors are responsible for identifying important "hot topics", sourcing high-quality manuscripts, handling day-to-day paperwork, and organizing the flow of manuscripts (i.e. from author to reviewers and back and finally to the publisher). The Editors and Section Editors will actively contact individuals and groups within the JEVTM field of interest for publications.

The Editors should work actively on the JEVTM content; coordinate peer review; liaise with authors, reviewers and board members; write short editorials, news and research highlights; and carry out developmental/technical editing of manuscripts. The Editors will follow the ethical guidelines of the JEVTM and the highest standards of medical research and publication.

Editorial Board members will serve for 2 years with the possibility for extension as decided by the Editor-in-chief with the support of the senior editor team.

Senior Advisory Board

This Board will give feedback as well as advice and critiques to the JEVTM Editorial Board, aiming at good conduct, good scientific quality and improvements, to help establish the JEVTM as a leading journal in its field. The Advisory Senior Board will communicate directly with the senior editors of the JEVTM and serve as a quality control organ for the JEVTM.


Note: All submissions from the Editorial Board also undergo blind peer review, in the same manner as all other submissions to the Journal. Conflicts of interest and other ethical policies are followed as per the general guidelines of the Journal.