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Journal name: Journal of Endovascular Resuscitation and Trauma Management  

Journal abbreviation: JEVTM

ISSN (Print): 2002-7567

ISSN (Online): 2003-539X

Editor-in-chief: Tal Hörer

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Publisher: The JEVTM is published by the EVTM research group at the Örebro University Hospital, Sweden, in cooperation with the EVTM society.

Publisher’s organization number: 232100-0164

Publisher contact: Tal Hörer (Editor-in-chief)

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Journal owner: EVTM Society and Örebro University

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Copyright: Starting in Volume 7, Number 3, authors retain copyright of their work, granting first publication rights to the JEVTM. See each article's landing page for license and copyright information.

Funding: The JEVTM is published with support from the research division at Örebro University Hospital, Sweden.

Publication frequency: The JEVTM publishes 3 issues per year, with occasional supplements. Articles are published Online First as soon as the master proof has been approved, and are fully citable using the DOI number.

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