Privacy Policy for Snow Leopard Reports

The journal manages personal information for academic purposes, i.e., to complete and distribute research material. Therefore, the journal is responsible for handling personal information. The National Library of Sweden provides access to Publicera as a digital infrastructure and archive for the journal. The following text describes how the journal collects and manages personal information via Publicera.

What counts as personal information and how is it managed?

Personal information is all information that directly or indirectly can be attributed to a physical living person. This can, for example, include images and sound bites that are managed in a database even if anonymized. In addition, encrypted information and different kinds of electronic identities (e.g., IP numbers) are considered personal information if connected to a physical person.

Management of personal information includes all transactions related to the data. This includes all management, whether or not it is automatic.

Common types of management of personal data are collection, registration, organization, structuring, storing, processing, transferring and deleting.

Contact information

The Editor-in-Chief, Örjan Johansson, is responsible for managing personal data regarding Snow Leopard Reports. E-mail:

Personal information in use by Publicera




The purpose of managing personal information in the platform is to complete and distribute academic content, including preparing manuscripts before publication carried out by authors, editors and reviewers, and editing and publishing articles and supplemental material online.

Management of data

Registration, organization, structuring, storing, preparing, changing, import, export, reading, using, transferring, distribution or otherwise making available, adjusting or merging, limiting, deleting or destroying.

Transferring of personal information to third country

The personal information in Publicera is stored on Swedish servers. The public metadata referring to published material can be transferred to servers in a third country.

Personal information categories

Mandatory fields: username, first name, last name, e-mail, country.

Encrypted field: password

Optional fields: salutation, middle name, suffix, gender, ORCiD, web page, phone number, fax number, affiliation, biographical information, registration date.

Legal reason for managing personal information


Storage time

Personal data is stored without an expiration date.