• Vol. 78 (2022)

    In this issue:

    Egil Asprem and Sebastian Casinge (SWEDEN): The Trickster and the Witch; Randi Hege Skjelmo and Liv Helene Willumsen (NORWAY): The Money Chest Layby his Head; Ellen Alm (NORWAY): The Quantitative Scope of Witchcraft Trials in Norwegian Bohuslen 1587-1658; Egil Bakka (NORWAY): Migrating with Movement Expressions; Anders Gustavsson (SWEDEN): The Consequences of Covid19 Pandemic

  • Vol. 77 (2021)

    Ingrid Åkesson: Essential Narrative Motifs? Gender Power Structures, Categorization of Traditional Ballads and the Stubbornness of Paradigms Katarzyna Anna Kapitan: From Oral Prosimetrum to Viking Metal Felix Lummer: Solitary Colossi and Not-So-Small Men: A Study of the Effect of Translation on the Old Norse Supernatural Concept of the jotnar in the Translated riddarasogur Eija Stark: Vernacular Economics and Stories of Fights: Finnish Folktales through the Lens of the Civilization Process Gösta Arvastson: When the Dog Eats Grass, There Will Be Rain: Eva Wigström and Weather Signs Lotte Tarkka: Cosmogony in Vernacular Imagination and Beyond: Textualization of Finnic Origin Myths in the Kalevala Alf Arvidsson: Representations of a Twentieth-Century Swedish Storyteller and His Repertoire Júlíana Th. Magnúsdóttir: Three Women of Iceland and the Stories They Told