Reviews and notices


  • Ann-Marie Svensson
  • Marko Modiano
  • Angela Karstadt
  • Mats Mobärg
  • Åke Persson
  • Monica Armini
  • Peter Boxall
  • Maria Proitsaki
  • Ronald Paul
  • Sabina Kielow
  • Lars-Olof Nyhlén
  • Sigurd Rothstein
  • M. Martin Guiney



Includes the following reviews:

p. 101. Ann-Marie Svensson. Lightfoot, D., The Development of Language, Acquisition, Change, and Evolution.

p. 101-103. Marko Modiano. Ronowicz, E. & Yallop, C. (eds), English: One Language, Different Cultures.

p. 103-105. Angela Karstadt. Klintborg, S., The Transience of American English.

p. 105-106. Mats Mobärg. Pinker, S., Words and Rules. The Ingredients of Language.

p. 106-107. Åke Persson. Cartmell, D. & Whelehan, I. (eds), Adaptations: From Text to Screen, Screen to Text.

p. 108. Monica Armini. Rivkin, J. & Ryan, M. (eds), Literary Theory: An Anthology.

p. 108-109. Peter Boxall. Paul, R., Dissonant Voices: Literature and Society in Britain from Chaucer to the Present Day.

p. 109-110. Maria Proitsaki. Dove, R., On the Bus with Rosa Parks.

p. 110-111. Ronald Paul. Arundhati, R., The Cost of Living.

p. 111. Sabina Kielow. Chouliaraki, L. & Fairclough, N., Discourse in late Modernity: Rethinking Critical Discourse Analysis. + Mills, S., Discourse. The New Critical Idiom.

p. 112-114. Lars-Olof Nyhlén. Ammon, U. Ist deutsch noch internationale Wissenschaftssprache?

p. 114-115. Sigurd Rothstein. Treichel, H. -U., Der Verlone. 

p. 116-117. M. Martin Guiney. Horlitz, M. Germanistische Schlaglichter.

p. 118-119. M. Martin Guiney. Conner, T., Chateaubriand's Mémoires d'outre-tombe. A portrait of the Artist as Exile. 


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Svensson, A.-M., Modiano, M., Karstadt, A., Mobärg, M., Persson, Åke, Armini, M., … Guiney, M. M. (2000). Reviews and notices. Moderna Språk, 94(1), 101–119.



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