Author Guidelines

Make an online submission

Moderna Språk does not charge any author fees.

Submit your manuscript through our manuscript management system. Step-by-step instructions are given during the process. For questions, please contact the editors:

Moderna Språk welcomes the following types of manuscripts: Original Articles, Book Reviews.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal Moderna Språk must be complete and adhere to the specified length limit (see below), but they do not need to be formatted in a particular way. Manuscripts should be submitted in Word format. Submitted manuscripts must be anonymized. Also check that the author information is removed in Word under the File > Properties > Summary tab.

When submitting a manuscript after revision, the text must follow the guidelines below. Please note that revised manuscripts that do not follow our guidelines lead to delays in the publishing process and may be rejected. Therefore, please read the guidelines carefully before submitting your revised manuscript.

Format (a separate file to be downloaded will be provided here)