Apuntes sobre la mediación en Suecia de la obra de Octavio Paz: un acercamiento sociológico


  • Petronella Zetterlund Lund University




Octavio Paz, Artur Lundkvist, Lasse Söderberg, Anders Cullhed, Knut Ahnlund, translation, mediation


The purpose of this article is to attempt to establish the ideological positions of the most important representatives of the mediation in Sweden of the works of Mexican writer Octavio Paz. First, the basic outlines of this mediation will be drawn to establish the most important actors by focusing on translators who are also authors of paratexts in books by Paz that have been edited by Swedish editorial houses. The texts that are studied are, therefore, limited to published books. The mediators of Paz in Sweden who are studied in this article are Artur Lundkvist, Lasse Söderberg, Anders Cullhed and Knut Ahnlund. The process of mediation of Paz’s work is here defined using Benoît Denis’s concepts of recognition, legitimization and consecration of a literary work and are analyzed in dialogue with Gisèle Sapiro’s model for determining ideological positions of critical discourses in the literary field. The conclusion is that Sapiro’s model is adequate for showing the different positions of the actors in the mediation of the works of Paz, in which one clear tendency can be seen.


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Zetterlund, P. (2016). Apuntes sobre la mediación en Suecia de la obra de Octavio Paz: un acercamiento sociológico. Moderna Språk, 110(3), 168–189. https://doi.org/10.58221/mosp.v110i3.7837

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