Exchange and negotiation of value when symphonic music is marketed as a commodity


  • Åsa Bergman Göteborgs universitet



commodification, symphonic music, marketing campaigns, capitalism, discourse analysis, value exchange


The overall aim of this article is to investigate how different ideas about classical music are expressed in advertising campaigns and what ideological grounds are used to construct music as a valuable resource. Based on a case study of how the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (GSO) presents its music and concert performances in marketing campaigns during the period 2018–2021, the article examines how commodification is used as a marketing strategy. A discourse-analytical perspective is used to demonstrate how values that are communicated to a listener are involved in value exchange processes that, although based on  ideology, also acknowledge traditional norms of aesthetic value. While this value exchange process enables aesthetic value norms to be reproduced, it is also involved in ongoing negotiations about which values should apply today and in the future.




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Bergman, Åsa. (2024). Exchange and negotiation of value when symphonic music is marketed as a commodity. Svensk Tidskrift för Musikforskning Swedish Journal of Music Research, 106(1), 65–82.




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