Metakognitiva perspektiv på läsförståelseprocessen

En studie av skolans textsamtal kring skönlitteratur


  • Anita Varga



Metakognition, Undervisningsstrategier, Läsförståelse, Skolforskning, Klassrumsstudier


Offering tuition to help pupils enhance their reading proficiency is one of the most important tasks of education. Within research into reading processes the impact of metacognitive aspects on reading-comprehension has been emphasised. Research has been able to identify a clear connection between the ability to apply metacognitive strategies when reading and a highly developed reading capacity. The current study is a contribution to reading research dealing with tuition in reading-comprehension, and specifically with the issue of arranging tuition to support the development of metacognition.  The empirical findings referred to in this study are from text-talks in grades 6-7. The specific focus of the study is the correlation between the linguistic strategies used by the teacher and the pupils’ opportunities to develop metacognitive perspectives as a consequence of these strategies. The study shows how the teachers, by use of a series of linguistic strategies, can offer pupils support in order to:  1) identify and visualise the premises of their personal queries, 2) observe and verbalise their processes of interpretation together with their emotional reactions when reading, 3) survey, adjust and communicate their use of reading-comprehension strategies and 4) recognise the text as an aesthetic construction and the interaction/transaction between texts and the reader.


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Varga, A. (2015). Metakognitiva perspektiv på läsförståelseprocessen: En studie av skolans textsamtal kring skönlitteratur. Nordisk Tidskrift för Allmän Didaktik, 1(1), 43–60.