Att motverka sexuella trakasserier - en didaktisk fråga

Elevers uppfattningar om lärares undervisning för att motverka sexuella trakasserier


  • Liselotte Eek-Karlsson Linnéuniversitetet
  • Ragnar Olsson Linnéuniversitetet
  • Gunilla Gunnarsson Linnéuniversitetet



Sexuella trakasserier, skola, didaktiskt perspektiv, lärares relationskompetens, förmedlingscentrerad undervisning, elevcentrerad undervisning


The aim of the present study is to contribute with knowledge about pupils’ views upon teachers’ teaching regarding the work of counteracting sexual harassment. 28 girls and 22 boys in secondary and upper secondary school were interviewed. The theoretical framework is based on an educational perspective and directed towards teachers’ work against oppression. More specifically it deals with the relationships between teacher and pupil, teacher and the knowledge content as well as the teaching process. The concept ‘teaching’ is understood as ‘teaching acts’ that are carried out both in formal teaching situations within specific lessons as well as in informal teaching situations in between the lessons. According to the pupils, a trusting climate between teachers and pupils is an essential condition for counteracting sexual harassment successfully. The result also shows that the knowledge content usually is mediated, as in traditional school practice, from the teacher to the pupils in specific lessons. The pupils find these fact-based lessons both relevant and irrelevant. Some lessons are based on the pupils’ own experiences and on limiting gender norms in society and in school. These lessons have a dialogical approach, where the teachers and pupils learn together based on a good relationship.


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2022-06-01 — Uppdaterad 2022-12-20


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Eek-Karlsson, L. ., Olsson, R. ., & Gunnarsson, G. . (2022). Att motverka sexuella trakasserier - en didaktisk fråga: Elevers uppfattningar om lärares undervisning för att motverka sexuella trakasserier. Nordisk Tidskrift för Allmän Didaktik, 8(1), 3–19. (Original work published 01 juni 2022)