Reflekterande handledning – en plattform för studenters och lärares gemensamma lärande


  • Susanne Gustavsson University of Gothenburg
  • Mia Berglund University of Skövde



shared learning community, higher education, reflective supervision


Reflective supervision in higher education means that students, continuously and systematically (according to a given model), together with teachers who supervise them, process experiences from work-based education and the university-based part of education. In two early studies of nursing students’ and teachers’ experiences of critical reflection as part of the reflective supervision, we have identified signs of existence of shared learning community. The purpose of the present study is to investigate teachers’ and students’ expressions of shared learning community, in light of the teaching form reflective supervision. The data consist of interviews from the two previous studies. The result of the analysis shows how students and supervising teachers express common experiences from the reflective supervision. The result shows a shared learning community as structured processing of vocational knowledge, challenging perspective meeting and exchange of perspectives, openness to each other's experiences and learning processes and interaction between the common and the individual. The study shows how the model reflective supervision contributes to a creative common environment for learning for both students and teachers in higher education.




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Gustavsson, S., & Berglund, M. (2022). Reflekterande handledning – en plattform för studenters och lärares gemensamma lärande. Utbildning & Lärande, 16(2).




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