Vol 52 Nr 4 (2022): Beyond Essentialisms – Translating Sex and Gender

Excerpt from guest editor Oscar Janssons "From the editor" introduction:

"The object of this TfL special issue is to explore the figuration of sex and gender in translated and internationally circulated literature. To this end, we first ask how matters of sex and gender affect literary translation – considering, for instance, how gendered and sexualized terms are translated from one language to another, and how gender hierarchies in society impact the consecration of translated fiction. But importantly, recognizing that literature plays vital roles in the “writing of culture” and that “there is no gender from the start,” we also ask how the translation of literary texts takes part in the construction and dissemination of social, political and sexual categories. And as the following pages testify, the connections between these two concerns are equally rele-vant when studying the cross-cultural migra-tion of ancient texts as the finer workings of the contemporary book market."

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Publicerad: 2023-06-14

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