Den svarta solens modaliteter

Burzum, Bataille och JVVF-forskningen


  • Erik van Ooijen



Burzum, Varg Vikernes, black metal, fascism, JVVF


Modalities of the Black Sun: Burzum, Bataille and JVVF Studies

Literary studies often encounter writers whose output includes both literature and propaganda. The response may be to avoid ideologically tainted writers, or to separate the work from its creator. I rather seek to explore how various forms of expression relate to each other in the work of an artist who is active both as a fascist propagandist, ideologue and musician: Varg Vikernes, the individual behind Burzum. I take Bataille’s solar economy as my theoretical framework and situate myself within a field of studies that is attracted to fascist culture without adhering to a fascist ideology. First, I sketch out the relationship between fascism, literature and the marketplace of ideas. Then, I explore the relationship between the politics of Vikernes and the music of Burzum with a particular focus on Reflections on European Mythology and Polytheism (2015) and Belus (2010). I conclude that while both express the creator’s worldview, they also demonstrate how this worldview may be channelled into very different outputs.


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Erik van Ooijen

Erik van Ooijen är docent i litteraturvetenskap vid Örebro universitet. Han har bland annat publicerat om deathgrind-bandet Cattle Decapitation, black metal theory och svart ekologi. Hans senaste bok är Dödsporr: Etik, estetik, våld (2016)




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van Ooijen, E. (2019). Den svarta solens modaliteter: Burzum, Bataille och JVVF-forskningen. Tidskrift för Litteraturvetenskap, 49(2-3), 57–67.




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